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Журнал » Journal_eng » Journal 24 : L. I. Bershedova, L. P. Nabatnikova A FAMILY, MARRIAGE AND CREATIVITY IN E. ZAMYATIN’S LIFE
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L. I. Bershedova,

L. P. Nabatnikova

MCU, Moscow


The article is devoted to the issues of a choice of a family-life pattern, emotional harmony between the spouses depending on the system influence of the parental family and parent-child relations together with an actual political situation in a society and different complex psychical status of personality on the example of E. Zamyatin’s life, who has left in his literature works some deeply fateful ideas for his grateful readers.

The article explains the role of the grandparents’ emotional relationship to their grandchildren for forming family pattern in grandchildren. This fact is also related to the issues of interpersonal interactions between the close relatives who perform the family patterns and transfer them through the generation. Grandmothers are granted a special role in children care: they also educate, support, assist and approve their grandchildren. The same was with Zamyatin’s grandmother, she took an active part in his (and his sister too) process of socialization. On the basis of these Zamyatin’s biographical facts can be justified the idea that any grandparent family acquires motivational value to build an individual model of the family for any future generation.

The meaning and significance of the family in Zamyatin’s life can be seen as a value since his childhood. The writer’s education was filled with understanding what is good and what is proper attitude towards other person. The family gave to the writer a strong sense of high responsibility for his life, choices, including his

marriage choice and the motives for his behavior. It was important for him and his wife to value their personality in each other giving the feeling of love, true matrimony and reliability to marriage and family relations. Zamyatin’s marriage existes as an open system that interacts with the literary community in Russia and Europe. Zamyatin’s and his wife’s loyalty and fidelity to each other can serve as a model of marriage and family relations for young people making the decision about marriage.

Key words: family; system; parents; family values; marriage; emmigration; personality; creativity.


For citation:

Bershedova L. I., Nabatnikova L. P. A family, marriage and creativity in E. Zamyatin’s life // Systems psychology and sociology. 2017. № 3 (23). P.





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