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Журнал » Journal_eng » Journal 29 : R. S. Nemov, D. A. Jatsenko, A SYSTEM PERSPECTIVE ON CONCEPTS OF PERSONALITY
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R. S. Nemov,

MCU, Moscow

D. A. Jatsenko,

MIP, Moscow


The article critically assesses the current state of theoretical research in the field of personality psychology. It is pointed outю that these studies are still divided into many private theories, in which, in turn, not all questions concerning the individual are put and solved. An opinion is expressed and justified on the need to create a holistic, integral personality theory that would be built on a systematic basis and would cover as many issues as possible related to the psychology of the individual. The article contains ideas on the development of such a theory. It is proposed to name the theory discussed in the article, the multidimensional system metaconception of personality, understanding by the concept of a set of assumptions that require further development and verification. In the version of the multidimensional system metaconception of personality contained in the article, answers are offered to the following questions: the subject of psychological research of a person, the definition of a personality, the structure of a personality, the difference of personal properties from other psychological features of a person, the origin of a person, the formation and development of a personality, anomalies in the development of personality, typology of personalities, evaluation of the level of development of the individual, the correlation of the biological and social in the individual, consciousness and unconsciousness in the individual, cultural-historical (personality and behavior), personality and cognitive processes, personality and interpersonal relations, personality and society, methods of investigating the personality, psychocorrection of the personality. In addition to approaches to the systemic solution of each of these issues, its system-forming factor underlying this decision is indicated, and references are given to the work of psychologists, in which there are grounds for the systematic development of relevant issues. In conclusion, on the basis of the proposed systemic conception of personality, hypotheses are proposed that relate to the solution of the issues under discussion.


Key words: personality; multidimensional theory; conception; system approach; system-forming principle; system hypotheses.


For citation: Nemov R. S., Jatsenko D. A. A System Perspective on Concepts of Personality // Systems psychology and sociology. 2019. № 1 (29). P. 19–30.




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