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Theory and Metod of Systems Psychology


Ryzhov B. N., Smolovskaya L. B. The Technique for Self-Appraisal of Emotional Tone and Activity SETA

Sheinov V. P. Development of the Test «Psychological Factors of the Risk of Adult-Individual Victimization»


Psychological researches


Romanova E. S., Bershedova L. I. Information and Psychological Security for Adolescents: Systemic and Psychological Analysis

Valyavko S. M. The Development of a Gender Identity in Children of Senior Preschool Age

Berezina I. Yu., Sumskiy L. I., Mikhailov A.Yu. Assessment of Memory in Transient Global Amnesia

Martynenko I. V., Rondukova S. V. Special Features in Development of Communicative Readiness for Schooling in Preschoolers with System Speech Disorders

Karpov A. B. Employee Engagement — a Factor of Work Motivation

Brazgun S. N., Tkacheva V. V. Issue of Dysfunctionality of the Families Who are Parenting Children with Disability

Ivanova V. P. Intellectual Culture as a System Approach in Education


History of psychology and psychology of history


Ivanov D. V. Psychological Idea in Russia in the End of the XVIII – the Beginning of the XIX Century. V. F. Malynovsky


Sociological researches


Perevozkina Yu. M., Fedosov V. G., Prusse F. Functional Organization of Impasa-Role Socialization of Youth: Metasystemic Approach




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