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Журнал » Journal_eng » Journal 26 : E. S. Romanova, S. B. Shubin, L. I. Gladar, M. V. Kurasov, PSYCHOLOGICAL FEATURES OF ADOLESCENTS WITH HIGH LEVELS OF COMPUTER ADDICTION

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E. S. Romanova, S. B. Shubin,

MCU, Moscow

L. I. Gladar, M. V. Kurasov.

School № 1021, Moscow


The purpose of this article is to indicate some specific psychological aspects of the personality in adolescents with higher levels of computer addiction and another purpose is also to clarify the psychological criteria for the term «Computer/ game addiction». This study examined 142 adolescents aged 13–16 years and 30 students of them having high levels of computer addiction were selected for the experimental group through testing for computer addiction who play video games and use social networks on a regular basis an average 49 hours per week. The results showed that adolescents with computer addiction have some certain psychological aspects, it means that they have signs of emotional instability and a low rate of courage and adventurism, they also show a shyness, they are very dependent on others, tend to reduced self-control and self-discipline; have a low rate of empathic abilities and self-esteem, a low level of social activity with adequate and fairly high social expectations.

The conducted testing and a focus group research clarified the diagnostic criteria for computer addiction.

In fact, according to the results of the study the most distinguishing features of computer addiction are: the time, spending on video games and social networks ( from 35 to 50 hours per week); constantly thinking and worry about a game process and/ or the process of activity in the social networks, being far outside the computer;a control disorder over the game or visiting social networks; a feeling of discomfort associated with social anxiety when communicating is outside the network; a negative impact on educational activity and other spheres of life, while maintaining a capability to use video games and/ or social networks at the same time.


Keywords: computer addiction; diagnostic criteria; psychological features of personality; computer virtual space; video games; social network; adolescents.


For citation: Romanova E. S., Shubin S. B., Gladar L. I., Kurasov M. V. Psychological features of adolescents with high levels of computer addiction // Systems psychology and sociology. 2018. № 2 (26). P. 5–17.