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Psychological researches


Valyavko S. M., Staroverova M. S. Voluntary Regulation in Preschoolers with Disabilities in the Context of Psychological Counselling

Shamshikova O. A., Klepikova N. M., Taygulova G. S. Psychometric Analysis of the Questionnaire «Diagnostics of Self-Consciousness Forms» by Z. Zaborowski and A. Oleszkiewicz

Ponomareva E. A., Ponomareva D. I., Afonskaya T. A. The Features of Personal Determination and Correction of the Aggressiveness in Adolescents

Shulekina Ju. A Polycode Text Comprehension in Preschoolers

Romanova E. S., Abushkin B. M. Psychological Councelling for Adolescents in Situations of Their Professional Choice


History of psychology and psychology of history


Ryzhov B. N. The Psychological Age of Civilization: the XIV Century, the North Renaissance

Ivanov D. V., Galyuk N. A. Psychological Idea in Russia in the XIII Century: to Origins Basic Ideas about Human Potential, His Struggle and Labor

Bershedova L. I., Nabatnikova L. P. A Psychological Aspect of a Family in Kuprin’s Destiny and Creative Activity


Sociological researches


Lenkov S. L., Matsyuk T. B. Comparative System Analysis of the Phenomena of Volunteerism and Volunteering

Yudina E. N., Moroz N. A. The Category «Lifeworld» in Sociology and Literature




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