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Журнал » Journal_eng » Journal 25 : E. N. Yudina, N. A. Moroz, THE CATEGORY OF ‘LIFEWORLD’ IN SOCIOLOGY AND LITERATURE
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E. N. Yudina,

N. A. Moroz,

MTTSU, Moscow


The article is concerned with the concept of lifeworld, its interpretations and specifics of use in contemporary sociological concepts. According to the authors, lifeworld is a reality, which is not artificially created or externally imposed, it functions naturally. Its existence is obvious and unquestionable. The phenomenon of lifeworld originated long before a man attempted to rationalise and describe it. The notion of lifeworld is not limited to the category of natural world. This world has the common structure of scientific and ordinary phenomena, which includes historical and social experience of humanity and also its past, present and future. This concept is a complex of individual’s objective and subjective understanding of reality, social processes and natural phenomena. It is based on human interaction and accounts experience and knowledge gathered by previous generations.

The authors suggest that the category of lifeworld can be applied to analyze literary works. In the context of L. Tolstoy’s novel “War and Peace” the main representations of this term proposed by sociologists and special aspects of its interpretation by L. Tolstoy are compared. The authors come to the conclusion that the concept of lifeworld consists not only of daily routine, but it also includes the complex of senses of human existence and communication in the society. The analysis of the epoch of the War of 1812 in L. Tolstoy’s novel “War and Peace” demonstrates specifics and differences of the lifeworld of social classes in Russia in the early 19th century and its transformation under the influence of war and post-war period.


Keywords: sociology of everyday life; lifeworld; everyday life; daily routine; sense of life; social communication; L. Tolstoy; War and Peace.


For citation: Yudina E. N., Moroz N. A. The category of ‘lifeworld’ in sociology and literature // Systems psychology and sociology. 2018. № 1 (25). P. 110–118.




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