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Theory and method of Systems psychology

Ryzhov B. N. A system structure of personality

Zobkov A. V. System-structural organization of self-regulation by the subject of educational activity



Psychological researches

Romanova E.S., Makshantseva L. V. On the problem definition of a psychological expert opinion about a negative impact of the information products on adolescents: theoretical aspect

Sheinov V. P.On the relation between the mindset types in lecturers and students and their personal characteristics

Shilova T. A., Kostereva L. I. The system of social interaction and homeschooled high-school students’ self-esteem

Romanova E. S., Shubin S. B. The features of young people’s use of video games and social networks

Sharova S. S. The creative features in students with manual asymmetries and hearing impairment

History of psychology and psychology of history


Ivanov D. V.Psychological idea in Russia in 30-th years of the XIX century. I. D. Yakushkin

Bershedova L. I.,  Nabatnikova L. PA family, marriage and creativity  in E. Zamyatin’s life


Sociological researches


Ananishnev V. M., Yugay S. V., Ovsov A. P. The prospects of inclusion of Russian pedagogical universities into the global university rankings

Rychikhina E. N. The role of the school mediation services in the conflictological education




The anniversary of academician of the RAS, professor Irina Petrovna Anokhina!



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