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Psychological Researches


Romanova E. S. Module Training Programs for Students of Pedagogical Universities for the System of Additional Education

Valyavko S. M., Zhokina P. A. Current Research Problems Self-evaluation in Foreign Psychology

Vasil’eva I. I. Macroergonomics: a New Perspective on Ergonomics

L’vova S. V., Arakelyan K. A. The Impact of a Lego-engineering on the Development of Creativity of First-Graders

Senkevich L. V., Sagalov M. V., Metelica A. E. Transformation of Protective Mechanisms of Personality in the Process of Development of Alcohol Dependence at Different Age Stages

Bonkalo T. I., Gorbushina O. P., Cygankova M. N. Preventive Measures of Youth Involvement into Destructive Organizations with Religious and Ethno-nationalist Character

Kogan B. M., Xazieva T. I. Features of the Teenagers Emotional Sphere in Eating Behavior Disorders and Overweight Problems

Chernov D. N. The Socioeconomic Status of a Family as a Factor of Language Development of Schoolchildren


History ol Psychology and Psyhology of History


Ryzhov B. N. Tarasova A. A. Contemporaneous Features of the Emotional Perception of the Architecture of Modern (Art Nouveau) and Constructivism

Ivanov D. V.Galyuk N. A. Psychological Idea in Russia. To Origins Basik Ideas about Human Potential




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