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B.N. Ryzhov - Sistem psychology


Журнал » Journal_eng » Journal 34 : B. N. Ryzhov, REAL-SELF, IDEAL-SELF AND HIDDEN-SELF

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UDC 159.9

DOI 10.25688/2223-6872.2020.34.2.01




B. N. Ryzhov,

MCU, Moscow,



The article is devoted to the description of the new scheme of systems diagnostics of motivational and va­lues personality sphere. The methodological basis for the elaboration of the proposed scheme was the systems typology of motivation which allows to outline eight key types of motivation including four types of motivation of the development and preservation of the species and society, and four types of motivation of the development and preservation of the individual and personality.

This work contains the description of the methodology of self-evaluation of the motivational personality profile providing — in combination with the test of the systems profile of motivation (SPM) — a number of mutually reinforcing, substantive characteristics of the motivational core of personality. These features in­clude "real self, or the systems profile of motivation (SPM) defined on the basis of the SPM test data; "ideal self, or the systems profile of self-evaluation of motivational tendencies based on the described methodology and reflecting the pressure of the accepted social norms and regulations on the motivational core of personality; and "hidden self, or the profile of motivational dispositions built on the basis of the superposition of "real self and "ideal self reflecting the compensating pressure on the motivational core of personality of individualistic impulses aimed at the development and preservation of the individual and personality.

To verify the suggested psycho-diagnostic scheme, population research of the relative characteristics of "real self and "ideal self was conducted. The research took place in 2019-2020, with 187 participants, both male and female, aged 18-48. The results obtained demonstrated the presence of a sustainable, long-term impact of social pressure on self-evaluation of motivational tendencies postulating the appropriateness of self-evaluation data interpretation as "ideal self.

The work also notes the possibility of using the identified structures of the motivational core of personality for systems interpretation of personality instances accepted in the psychoanalytical tradition. The suggested diagnostic scheme allows to obtain the quantitative evaluation of the influence of various system factors on the structure of motivational dispositions of personality; the scheme can be recommended for use in consul­tative and psychotherapeutic practice.


Keywords: systems psychology; motivation; motivational core of personality; real-self; ideal-self; hidden-self; ego; super-ego; it (Lat. "id", German "Es"); profile of motivation; value ranking.

For citation: Ryzhov B. N. Real-self, ideal-self and hidden-self // Systems Psychology and Sociology. 2020. № 2 (34). P. 5-20. DOI: 10.25688/2223-6872.2020.34.2.01


Ryzhov Boris Nikolayevich, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Peda­gogical, Developmental and Social Psychology at the Institute of Psychology, Sociology and Social Relations of the Moscow City University, Moscow, Russia.

E-mail: RyzhovBN@mgpu.ru; ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8848-3622