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Psychological Researches



Kogan B. M., Drozdov A. Z. System Links between Psychological Defense Mechanisms and Personality Characteristics in Girls with Non-Suicidal Self-Damaging Behavior


Arzumanov Yu. L., Korotina О. V., Abakumova А. А. Personal Sphere Peculiarities in Persons with Synthetic Psychoactive Substance Dependence


Valyavko S. M. The Possibility of Formalization of Drawing Techniques in Special Psychology: Problems and Prospects


Zakharova L. N., Saralieva Z. H.-M., Leonova I. S., Zaladina A. S. Fatigue as an Indicator of Socio-Psychological Age of Personnel




History of Psychology and Psychology of History



Romanova Е. S., Ryzhov B. N. Boris Fedorovich Lomov — a Scientist Who Became the Embodiment of His Time


Ryzhov B. N. Psychological Age of Civilization (translated into English by L. A. Mashkova)




Sociological Researches



Dobrina О. А. Social Risks of Modernity and the Threats to Identity: Systematic Analysis of P. Sztompka’s Concept of Cultural Trauma


Тkachenko А. V. A System Approach in G. Le Bon and S. Freud’s Sociological Concepts







Aleksander T. A Review about Old Age and Disability (translated into English by A. Diniejko and into Russian by О. Leszczak)


Novlyanskaya Z. N. Psychology, Literature and Cinema in a Dialogue about a Man







Anniversary of Dmitry Vladimirovich Gander!


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