Ryzhov B. N. The system of motivational oppositions as the basis of psychological individuality

Preuss F., Perevozkina Yu. M. Interconnection and types of social relations of role socialization system formation: metasystem approach

Ryzhov B. N. The actual-self, ideal-self and hidden-self (with Translation into English by L. A. Mashkova)

Ryzhov B. N., Tarasova А. А. Emotional Perception of Architectural Objects of 1920–1930s by Moscow Students (with Translation into English by L. A. Mashkova)

Kondratyev V. M. The Problem of Balance between Morality and Law in Human Education (with a Translation into English)

Ryzhov B. N. Psychological Age of Civilization (translated into English by L. A. Mashkova)

Aleksander T. A Review about Old Age and Disability (translated into English by A. Diniejko and into Russian by О. Leszczak)

A. A. Zych Silver University as an alternative for the polish solutions

B. N. Ryzhov THE PSYCHOLOGICAL AGE OF CIVILIZATION: the XV century, the North Renaissance

Yu. M. Perevozkina, V. G. Fedosov, F. Prusse Functional organization of impasa-role socialization of youth: metasystemic approach

T. Macho, I. V. Lebedeva, M. M. Bicharova. Migration in Europe as systemic phenomenon of the contemporary society

G. Gross, J. S. Frolova From London to Moscow coronations: perceptions of monarchy

Simons G. Tangible threats through intangible means: aspects of BRICS information and communication security

Ryzhov B. N., Mashkova L. A., Stolyarova G. I. Dynamics of motivational indicators in high school

B.N. Ryzhov - Sistem psychology



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Theory and Method of Systems Psychology


Romanova E. S., Abushkin B. M. A systemic methodological approach to students’ self-actualization in the formation of image qualities

Nozikova N. V. Principles of modeling in the experimental study of a psychosemantic object: system approach


Psychological Researches


Ryzhov B. N., Kotova O. V. Dynamics of sex and age characteristics of motivation in the epoch of adolescence and youth (with translation into English)

Sheinov V. P., Devitsyn A. S. The development of a reliable and valid social media dependence questionnaire

Korzhova E. Yu., Kormacheva I. N. Role of procrastination in the structure of learning activity: system approach

Ehksakusto T. V., Kibal´chenko I. A. Intellectual and personal prerequisites of success: system analysis and researches prospects

Svilina O. A., Safiullin M. R. Psychology of motivation of an athlete nowadays: system empirical analysis

Veraksa N. E., Airapetyan Z. V., Almazova O. V. Developmental processes understanding among preschool children: the “Cycles” task

Alekseenko M. S. Model of system psychological support of flight activity


History of Psychology and Psychology of History


Ivanov D. V. Systemic ideas in the psychological thought of Russia at the beginning of the XIX century: P. D. Lodiy




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