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Журнал » Journal_eng » Journal 27 : I. Yu. Berezina, L. I. Sumskiy, A. Yu. Mikhailov, ASSESSMENT OF MEMORY IN TRANSIENT GLOBAL AMNESIA
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I. Yu. Berezina,

 L. I. Sumskiy,

A. Yu. Mikhailov,

Sklifosovsky Institute for Emergency Medicine, Moscow


To assess the functional state of the basic systems of the brain and structures for the operation of the machines memory in patients with transient global amnesia (TGA) 12 patients (average age — 67,8 ± 9,9 years) with the presence of TGA episodes were examined. The control group consisted of 15 healthy subjects (average age of 30,1 ± 1,8). EEG and auditory event-related potential (P300) were recorded on electroencephalograph “Neuron-Spectrum-5”, the company “Neurosoft” (Russia). To localize equivalent dipole sources abnormal activity and the P300 component was used “BrainLoc 6.0” (Russia) [4]. The study showed that in 75 % cases, EEG in patients with TGA registered paroxysmal activity dominant in the left hemisphere with localization of equivalent dipole sources these oscillations in мedio-basal parts of the temporal lobe on the left, or submitted to bilateral, generalized discharges, mainly “sharp waves” with equivalent dipole sources localization of these oscillations in мedio-basal parts of the frontal and temporal lobes on both sides.

According auditory event-related potential associated with the event celebrated the lengthening of the latent period components, N200, P300 and reduction of response amplitude in both hemispheres. Maximum extension of the latent period component P300 and the amplitude decrease was observed in the fronto-temporal leads.


Keywords: transient global amnesia; EEG; auditory event-related potential (P300).


For citation: Berezina I. Yu., Sumskiy L. I., Mikhailov A. Yu. Assessment of memory in transient global amnesia // Systems Psychology and Sociology. 2018. № 3 (27). P. 50–62.




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